Saturday, March 29, 2014

Some Facts About children and TV

Many of the millennials I know consider TV as their third parent.  In an age of double income families and increasingly accessible technology, that reality is not hard to imagine.  Most parents, tired from a day’s work at the office or juggling various tasks would gladly turn over control of their children to the television and get some rest from the hectic world of parenthood.

When my sister came over from Boston for a visit and a much needed vacation, our default solution for a hyperactive child was the television.  More often than not, the Disney channel was the best solution.  When we’re tired of playing games or questions, we’d plug her into the TV.  Almost instantly the hyper-ness disappears and an intense amount of concentration will go into watching Mickey and Friends or the gift Dragon be his benevolent self around his friends.

A lot of kids are plugged in the same way before they start formal training in school.  The Kaiser Family Foundation compiled years of research that states the following in its results.

Two thirds of the infant and toddler population watch an average of two hours of television, while kids under age 6 watch an average of 2 hours of screen media—and what this is talking about are primarily traditional television, videos and DVDs.  It’s also safe to assume that the list also includes Youtube under the definition.

Children from age eight to age eighteen, watch around an average of four hours daily in front of the television and on top of that, spend two additional hours on the computer on extra-curricular activities.

Are these numbers healthy at all?  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, this isn’t healthy at all.  The recommended average of hours for kids under age two is actually ZERO hours.  And those three and upwards should only watch only up to one or two hours of quality programs.

The argument of not having your children watch any TV before they turn three is this: the first two years of their life is precious, a critical point in the development of their brains.  TV is a construct that tends to make all sorts of rules in a child’s perspective, immersing them in a context whose values and rules may not agree with or in fact counter the values of the parents.  TV and other media can conflict with the chances of building a relationship between child and parent in the form of play, exploration as well as interactions with others—the keystones for progressive physical and social development.

If a child spends too much time in front of the television they can end up lacking interest in physical activities, reading, doing homework, play, and time spent with family and friends.  These are activities that ensure that the child and eventually the adult as he grows up is well adjusted in society.  That’s the consequence of too much TV—it can actually hamper a person’s chances in life.  It may be easy to just let the television take over every now and then, but with that thought in mind you have now the information to think twice on your actions.

Always remember that television is good when it is granted to children in moderation.  Learning numbers or the alphabet is one activity that can be easily done using the TV.  I remember a typing class I took in Grade School that incorporated the Mario game into the typing activity—to advance, one had to type correctly even though there was a piece of cardboard covering one’s hands.  I hated typing but since I wanted Mario to jump on blocks and burn enemies to cinder, I had to learn.  It is definitely a good motivator of children, but parenting should not be given over to it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This Mr. Wippy video makes no sense.

This video makes NO sense.

I was meandering around the Internets searching for an Ugly Doll review, particularly of one my kid fancies which is a Wippy doll--a pink bunny which is rather silly looking.  Then I come across this girl's video which is just painful to watch.  A friend asked me why I watched it in the first place and I told her if you were a space explorer who was the first human to encounter a black hole... you'll plunge your ship right in.

God I hope my kid doesn't turn out like the girl in the video.  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tried out a Parenting Hack Today and it Works!!!

I normally don't follow parenting advice on geek specialty sites like Buzzfeed or Gizmodo.  Initially the "hacks" idea may apply in organizing your house or your life but I thought it abhorrent that it would apply to parenting.  I didn't think I'd shortcut my way out of parenthood, I scoffed.  

Then I tried one hack--using this generic basket to contain my baby in an otherwise oversized bathtub.  brilliant!

Monday, December 2, 2013

How to Adjust a Baby Sling

Wearing your baby is just one way to bond with your little one. In some cultures, a baby sling is a regular fixture of motherhood, allowing moms to be close to their babies while giving her the freedom to go about her day, doing mommy things like chores and shopping.

The Peanut Shell Adjustable Sling - Hey Momma why not carry ur baby all day
But there is an art to adjusting a sling so both mother and baby are comfortable together. Most baby slings have rings that look like simple fasteners, but actually allow you to tighten various parts of the sling and loosen others, so baby is comfortably positioned and the sling doesn't pull on your neck and shoulders. The foam-padded section at one end isn't for the bay (as some might assume) but for cushioning the mom’s neck and shoulders.

Because a sling requires you to carry most of a baby’s weight on one side, you may experience neck and back discomfort. When that happens, try switching sides. You may want to cradle your baby with your arm when she is inside the carrier until both of you become used to how it feels. Walking around and talking to baby may calm her if she gets fussy. Coaching from an experience sling wearer can help. Talk to a friend who has used one or get in touch with an org to find someone to give you pointers. You can also watch online sling videos to get you started.

Friday, August 2, 2013

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